• Rigaku ZSX Primus II XRF Spectrometer
  • PHI VersaProbe II Scanning XPS Microprobe
  • Rigaku SmartLab X-ray Diffractometer
  • MCC Floor Plan
  • Hitachi SU8230 UHR Cold Field Emission (CFE) SEM

Core News

October 18, 2018
We are very glad to annouce that the FIB SEM (FEI Helios G4 UX) will arrive MCC in December this year. The machine will provide the capabilities including TEM sample...
August 3, 2018
As a newly trained SEM user in MCC Sarah Ostresh from Charles Schmuttenmaer group has started using SEM in her research project to characterize photoanode materials for water...
May 25, 2018
It was a successful event on May 19 hosted by Dr. Lei Wang who is running West Campus Cleanroom. As part of 2018 Yale Systems Biology Institute Research Symposium programs,...