Instrument Rates

Internal usage rates (FY24):1


Usage rate ($/hr)

Minimum charge ($)
XPS (PHI VersaProbe II) 34 17
FIB SEM (FEI Helios G4 UX) 47 20
SEM (Hitachi SU8230) 39 8.75
XRF (Rigaku Primus II) 15 7.5
XRD (Rigaku Smartlab) 15 5
PPMS DynaCool 15 0
Raman (Horiba LabRAM)2 3 0
Sputter Coater (Leica ACE 600)3 23 5
  1. External users please contact us directly for the rates.
  2. Not accessible to external users in general. Please reach the core stuff for more info.
  3. Coating materials available: Ir, Mo, Au, Ni, Pt, Sn, Fe, Pd, Ag, Ti, Ta, Co, Cr, Cu, Al, Au:Ge (88:12wt%).