For general acknowledgement of our Core, please add “We acknowledge Yale West Campus Materials Characterization Core.” in your publications. 

For experimental section of your manuscripts, please cite the specific instrument info below:

XPS: PHI VersaProbe II, and more detailed description in experimental section if required:

“The XPS spectra were collected using monochromatic 1486.7 eV Al Kα X-ray source on PHI VersaProbe II X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer with a 0.47 eV system resolution. The energy scale has been calibrated using Cu 2p3/2 (932.67 eV) and Au 4f7/2 (84.00 eV) peaks on a clean copper plate and a clean gold foil.”

UPS: installed on PHI VersaProbe II XPS system

“The UPS spectra were collected using He Iα (21.22 eV) source on PHI VersaProbe II XPS system; spectra were referenced to the Fermi level, which was determined from a UPS spectrum of a clean gold foil. For work function meansurements a -5 V bias was applied to the sample so that the cut-off edge on the left side of valence band can be collected.”

XRD: Rigaku SmartLab XRD:

“The XRD instrument includes a Cu Kα source with a beam energy of 8.04 keV, corresponding to an X-ray wavelength of 1.5406 Å.”

Rigaku 2D detector: HyPix-3000, pixels: 385 x 775

SEM: Hitachi SU8230 CFE SEM with BRUKER XFlash 5060FQ Annual EDS detector.

FIB-SEM: Helios G4 UX system with UltraDry MANUAL EDS and LUMIS EBSD detector.

PPMS: PPMS® DynaCool™; 

XRF: Rigaku ZSX Primus II XRF:

“The Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer adopts Rh Kα source with a beam energy of 20.2161 keV, corresponding to an X-ray wavelength of 0.6147 Å.”


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2022 Publications (11)

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