User Training

MCC registered users should pass the following EHS online trainings prior to onsite training:

  • Yale EHS Laboratory Safety Training
  • Yale EHS X-ray Safety Training required for XRD and XRF users only:
    • Finish X-Ray Safety Training Part I
    • After onsite training at the Core, fill the X-Ray Training Signoff Sheet (download only on Core website) and email to the Core (Min Li) for signature
    • Email the signed signoff sheet and the Request Form for Radiation Monitors to EHS
    • In the radiation monitor request form:
      • List “Min Li” as Authorized Principal Investigator
      • Check Gamma/X-ray Source box, specify “Cu” as the source
      • Check X-ray diffraction box and list location as “E119, 810 West Campus Drive, West Haven”
      • Check “right” or “left” box to indicate which hand is to be most exposed to X-ray
    • Inform EHS that the radiation badge should be mailed to the following address:
Room E119
Energy Science Center (ESC) II
810 West Campus Dr
West Haven, CT 06516


The facility operation training course for each selected instrument includes three sessions:

  • The introduction session, covering a theory introduction and facility operation demonstration by lab manager.
  • Practice session I, scheduled within one week. The users will practice the facility operation under lab manager supervision.
  • Practice session II, the last session of the training also scheduled within one week. The users are expected to be able to work independently on the facility as judged by lab manager.


  • Users are required to schedule two practice sessions within one week, otherwise users need to retake two sessions
  • Users should use the facilities at least once a month, otherwise they should contact Core for practices again