The Core facility users should acknowledge MCC in their publications. Please specify the instrument models as follows:

XPS: PHI VersaProbe II, and more detailed description in experimental section if required:
The XPS spectra was collected using monochromatic 1486.7 eV Al Kα X-ray source on PHI VersaProbe II X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer with a 0.47 eV system resolution. The energy scale has been calibrated using Cu 2p3/2 (932.67 eV) and Au 4f7/2 (84.00 eV) peaks on a clean copper plate and a clean gold foil.”

XRD: Rigaku SmartLab XRD:

“The XRD machine includes a Cu Kα source with a beam energy of 8.04 keV, corresponding to an X-ray wavelength of 1.5406 Å.”

SEM: Hitachi SU8230 CFE SEM

PPMS: PPMS® DynaCool™; 

XRF: Rigaku ZSX Primus II XRF


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2016 Publications (3)

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